The glorious Greek cuisine!

For those of you that know me…you know how passionate I am about the Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet! I have had to pause the cookery classes and that was a hard (but absolutely the right) decision, but cooking Greek food is what I do every day…not only because is delicious but also very healthy too.

Greece (and the Mediterranean) are home to sun, sea and delicious dishes thought to hold the key to good health.
The traditional Mediterranean diet isn’t about one particular food group or set of superfoods. It is all about balance, variety, moderation and family and friends!

What about the philosophy of the Mediterranean approach?

The philosophy of Mediterranean approach, does not just centre around diet, although food is a huge part of it. The word ‘diet’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘dieta’. It means way of life. A way of life which is based on fruit, vegetables, pulses, beans, fish, meat and healthy fats such as olive oil. This is the sort of Mediterranean diet that nutritionists now recognise as one of the healthiest.

Aside from eating a diet that consists mainly of fresh and wholesome foods, we believe that life is to be celebrated and it should be enjoyed with family and friends. It is important to sit down together and take time to enjoy the food and company of others. The Mediterranean way is definitely the sense of belonging by sharing a meal with family and friends and creating memories.

For Greeks, food is such an integral part of life and culture…and the Mediterranean way of life is a reminder of something that, deep down, we all know… that food is better, when its honest and shared with others!
So, here’s to enjoying Greek food and sharing it with our loved ones and when we can safely do so with our extended family and friends.

I hope through the Greka website and our recipes/videos, you find the inspiration to create your own little Greece in the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy and stay safe!