Our Story

Our story starts in a little village in central Greece called St Serafim, well known for its olive production. That’s where I grew up and spent my formative years with grandparents who were farmers and passionate about the land. From a very young age, and holding my grandmother’s hand, I would explore the land and the produce it offered us – tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, lemons, oranges, glorious figs and oregano from the mountains of central Greece. Season after season I would be introduced to the land and the wealth of produce it had to offer.

My grandad, an amazing man, would take me with him to tend to our farm animals and I helped him make feta cheese, sausages and olive oil. Naturally, when it was time to collect the grapes from our vineyards to make wine, I was there beside him.

They both taught me to appreciate and respect the value of home grown ingredients, home reared animals and what they had to offer us.

It was my grandmother and mother who taught me to cook and prepare preserves in order to enjoy seasonal produce throughout the year. We would make sauces, spoon sweets and jams for our family and friends using my grandmother’s recipes which had been passed on to her by her mother.

As the years have gone by, we have experimented with those recipes but always remained true and faithful both to them and my grandmother.

My love for the Greek countryside, appreciation of the seasons, respect for tradition and desire to share with you the delicious products we made, led us to create Greka in 2016.