Honey & Spoon Sweets

A traditional and delightful Greek custom, a symbol of hospitality for Greeks is the offering of spoon sweets to guests.

Why are they called spoon sweets and what are they?

Spoon sweets are fruits or vegetables cooked in sugar with spices and herbs, and preserved in syrup. Sugar is a natural preservative so they can stay good for a long time. They are called spoon sweets because the usual serving size is a well-filled teaspoon - always accompanied with a cold glass of water and a nice Greek coffee.

Spoon sweets are used as toppings on ice cream, cheesecake or Greek yogurt, and for cake decoration and flavouring. Alternatively, you can enjoy them straight out of the jar…like we do!

Our honey comes from the mountains of central Greece, carefully looked after and collected by Dimitris - a local beekeeper with over 30 years of experience.

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